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Late payments will be charged interest of 10% if later than 6 weeks from visit. 2 months late will be at 17.5%.
Payments should be received at latest within 4 weeks of visit and preferably prompt payment is appreciated as it makes life easier for company to operate.
Much appreciated if you can pay on the day or within several days of visit.
BACS direct to account payments are preferred to local authority BACS payments. Local authority cheques are least preference.


Cancellations cost the business and therefore any clients cancellations known to be due to a clash or an error on their side with less than a weeks notice will regrettably have to pay a 17.5% charge of agreed cost.
However, if visit is rearranged immediately with definate rebooking date there will be no charge.

Cancellation notice made more than a week up to 2 weeks before visit, unless booked at relatively short notice, will be charged 10% of agreed cost. Again no charge if rebooked immediately.

In rare circumstances if a client has to cancel on the day and Steven arrives at venue this is damaging to business and its only fair to charge a rate of 17.5% if not rebooked immediately.
A rate of 10% of agreed cost is charged if rebooked immediately.
If known to be an error by client, incidentally this has happened before, then a 22.5% charge is fair if not rebooked immediately.
Travel costs will be charged even if workshop is rebooked immediately as its a wasted day/half day for company. Travel costs are non negotiable.

Extenuating Circumstances are considered on a goodwill basis if beyond control of client only, ie heavy snow or a flood/storm event. Costs may still be imposed but will be negotiable and start lower.

Updated 20th JULY 2018.




Primary Schools: The emphasis is interactive 'hands on' with many activities, experiments and demonstrations. Workshops generally aimed at the upper primary age groups (Pr 4-7 Scotland and Yr 3-6 England and Wales), but younger age groups are catered for too.



Aimed at Yr 7-8 England & Wales. S1-S2 Scotland: 

Full list of all Topics covered is lower down on this page.

Most Recent:
2nd JULY 2018:
Northumberland. Ellingham Primary



The following is a general overview of what all the workshops involve:


Steven introduces all workshops with a brief account of his own experiences from collecting his first rock  (included for handling) to his rock collecting from mountain hiking and climbing to his involvement in the oil industry and his excursions and climbs of active volcanoes.


Steven explains the structure of the earth with a 'hands on' for all the class demonstration and the formation of rocks with fun practical activities using his own Amazing Rocks collection which are of many kinds of all three main types. Volcanic rocks from active volcanoes are included with some freshly collected during eruptions! These all have an exciting story to tell. There will also be some Minerals and Fossils. Rocks known as 'impact rocks' formed from meteorite impacts are included for especially 'Space' Topic.

The children participate very much in handling the Rocks, doing scientific activities and experiments.


Volcano models are very realistic, they represent the types of volcanoes and types of eruptions. Homemade by Steven.
The children are also involved in setting up amazing 'homemade' Volcano models to erupt, learning 'hands on' the science involved in real eruptions. Very realistic different eruption types with famous volcanic eruptions are 'brought to life' including reenacting ones from volcanoes that Steven has climbed/hiked on/experienced eruptions of.
Volcanology with predicting eruptions is briefly covered for older children.


There is an interactive plate tectonics model, demonstrating plate movement and associated earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity and mountain building.

New for 2017-2018
Landform Model that shows mainly Mountain landforms and glaciated landforms, also demonstrates glaciation with an interactive activity.


Glacier Model demonstrates the flow of glaciers and shows how they flow, erode and deposit.

An activities sheet as follow up is available on request.

Also there are Stevens own film clips and photo shows of his mountaineering, volcano climbs and glacier climb adventures, latest is Iceland 2017. Steven includes his visits and climbs of active volcanoes with climb to summit in 2015 of highest volcano & glacier in Iceland. Also included is the 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland with a very close up exciting experience of lava erupting from craters and the lava flows. This was followed by a climb to summit crater in 2013. In Italy, Stromboli's eruptions in April 2007, Vulcano and Etna Sicily. Also depending on topic are included photos & film clips of some Mountains and Glaciers Steven has visited & climbed in the Swiss Alps, Norway, Sweden, Icelands Ice Caps & Glaciers and certainly throughout many parts of Britain.



Using my resources of rocks, film/photos and working models of Volcanoes, Plate Tectonics model, Glacier model and other models. Simple experiments included for the Science linked topics. Relevant photo and my own film clips are shown for every workshop. Workshop content is pitched to age of class. Some of the following workshops are usually included with at least another in a single workshop class session.


  • Rocks- all types and formation- emphasis on identification activities looking at their properties and fun experiments. Volcanic eruptions with the volcano models are usually included.
  • Volcanoes- Volcanic rocks from active volcanoes, dormant & extinct ones handled. Also spectacular interactive 'erupting' Volcano models of different types of volcanoes and different eruption types, class assist with this.  Volcanoes that are well known with some not as well known and their eruptions are included. Volcanology with eruption prediction introduced for older classes.
  • ICELAND SPECIAL-EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL VOLCANO Both 2010 eruptions. Also other Volcanoes and Glaciers that Steven has explored/climbed on.
  • Fossils and Dinosaurs- handling fossils, how they are made, identifying rocks that are fossiliferous, trace fossils like dinosaur footprints. Making quick fossil casts. Extinction of dinosaurs-Volcanic eruptions and the meteorite strike.

  • Earth's Structure, Plate Tectonics and Earthquakes- Structure of Earth demonstration, class operate a plate tectonics model, earthquake activity. Volcanoes and Mountains usually included.

  • Mountains with rocks- Handling all kinds of rocks, concentrating on rocks that show the forces that occur during mountain building, types of mountains and class operating a plate tectonic model showing how fold mountains & block mountains are made. Landform model and volcano models are included.

  • Landforms- Emphasising local area, relating to Rock types, Mountains, Rivers and Glaciers/Glaciation- Emphasis on handling rocks found locally, also using tectonic model, volcano models, landform model and a 'flowing' glacier model.

  • Glaciers/Glaciation- Operating a 'flowing' glacier model that shows the mechanics of a glacier and handling rocks that show evidence of glaciation.Glacial erosion & deposition with a landform model that includes activity and ice covered volcanoes.

  • Natural Disasters- Volcanic eruptions, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, also Floods, Landslides, Hurricanes/Typhoons/Storms- Volcano models with the class helping reenact famous disastrous eruptions, operating plate tectonic model to demonstrate earthquakes & tsunamis. Mountain model demonstrates landslides and a demonstration to show hurricanes etc.

  • Space and Space Rocks- Handling rare meteorite impact rocks including from Scotlands Meteorite, meteorite impact demonstration, volcanoes of Solar System. Space phenomena seen from earth, eclipses, auroras & moon changes. 

  • Mining and Minerals also Quarrying- Handling minerals and rocks that are commonly quarried. Plate tectonics and Volcanoes included.

  • Forces and Energy- Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Mountains, Magnetism & Magnetic Rocks, Metamorphic rock formation.

  • Materials and Changing Materials also links to 'Chocolate' topic- Handling rocks with various properties, Volcanoes, eruptions, ash & lava flows, rock cycle emphasis

  • British Isles- Geology and Landforms- Rock handling with rocks from all over Britain, Volcanoes, Mountains, Glaciation and Rivers.

  • Country Studies- The Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Mountains & other Landforms.
    Countries include Iceland, Norway, Sweden, France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Caribbean Islands, Japan, USA, Canada, African Countries and Australia

  • Climate Change- Emphasis on evidence from Glaciers, a specific case study of a glacier in Iceland I have observed retreating over several years. Glacier models included. Also Volcanic eruptions & climate effects with several case studies.

  • Geothermal Energy Special- Includes Geothermal & Hot Spring areas, Geothermal power generation and other uses of Geothermal. Some rocks handled with relevant activities and Volcanoes are also included.
  • Oil & Gas- Rocks handled that make and store oil. Model that shows how oil & gas is extracted. Fossils included as mamy are the source of the oil. Comparing to gas fumeroles and boiling mud at geothermal hot spring areas.
  • Coastal Geology- Erosion and Deposition including Storm Surges. Handling rocks with relevant activities. A model of a coast included. 'Islands' are included for this from coral ones to small volcanic islands.
  • Water- Rocks formed in water handled with activities. Water cycle and power of the water, Rivers and Glaciers included with models used.
  • Farming in relation to Rocks & Soils and Landuse- Handling some rocks and relating to soils. Also volcanic ash & farming, one well known example from Iceland.
  • Vikings- Iceland, Norway, Sweden & Denmark- Looking at the land of each country, viking tales, folklore, exploration & settlement linked to volcanoes, mountains & rocks.
  • Romans- Pompeii & Vesuvius, volcanic eruption included. Rocks & Minerals the romans used.
  • Stone Age to Iron Age- Rocks and Minerals of Importance at the time. For oldest classes also volcanic eruptions that had a big impact on climate and the people.
FIELD EXCURSIONS: Occasionally Steven is asked to assist a class field excursion to a local safe beach environment to study the rocks and surrounding landforms. They have been very successful and Steven has excellent knowledge in the 'field'. The following schools with field excursions done thus far are:

All excursions to date: May 2015 - Raasay, Elgol and Arisaig (2 field excursions) and earlier Ulva Primary Mull, Ballantrae & Colmonell South Ayrshire and the Isle of Eigg.



Mountain Landform Model

July-August 2017 ICELAND. Stevens 8th Visit

Hveragerdi Hot Springs and the Geothermal Town.

Laki Craters and the huge Lava Flows.

Revisit to glaciers of Vatnajokull.

Return to Volcanoes that formed during 2010 lava eruptions and to Eldfell on Heimaey, changes observed.

August 2016: New Volcanic fissure model & new materials.

August 2015 ICELAND. Stevens 7th visit

Film clips, photos and several volcanic rocks (includes new 2015 Lava)

Oraefajokull part of Vatnajokull Europe's largest glacier, Hvannadalshnuker-Icelands highest peak also glaciated volcano. Climb to summit.

New Lava field from eruption August 2014 to end of February 2015 and the hot glacial river.

Askja craters in Europe's largest desert, area famous for astronauts training there in 1960's.

Myvatn volcanic area, Lava fields, craters and hot springs.

East fjords rugged mountains once Volcanoes.

July-August 2014: Climb to summit of glaciated Snæfellsjökull Volcano, famous for the entrance to Jules Vernes 'Journey to centre of the earth'.

Vertical descent of 400 feet to 'Inside the Volcano'.

Colourful volcanic mountains, ice caves and geothermal area of Landmannalaugar.



Shetland Rocks, rare and wonderful. Collected July 2015

Relatively rare and ancient rocks from Western Isles/Nan Eilean Siar

Meteorite 'Impact' rock from edge of meteorite crater near Lochinver Sutherland. Collected May 2017.



Severe Winter Snow does not stop me getting to a school if main roads are open as I succeeded to on the 1st March 2018 to  a school in Lancashire. Early morning journey in a developing Blizzard to return to  a full raging Blizzard late afternoon.
The Ice Age Returns!

Blizzard enveloping my house in Melmerby Cumbria 1st March 2018.


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